In late January, we hosted one of our past HWF teammates and current local artisan-entrepreneurs, Mattie Mae Larson, and her team of “Trashionistas” with Upcycle Hawaii.  This is a short but sweet excerpt from her follow-up e-newsletter sent on February 3rd, 2022:


Aloha from Team Trashionista and Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund!

Last weekend, we were able to get our team out of the studio and into the wild for an amazing work day with our favorite local non-profit: Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund (HWF).

To date, HWF has removed over 621,000 lbs of plastic pollution from Hawaiʻi Island’s southern coastlines. (Yes, that is over 310 tons of trash!) It was very satisfying to be able to join their crew and do our small part for the day. In addition, it was a fantastic reminder of the inspiration for our work of upcycling.

Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund is a small but mighty team focused on local education and habitat restoration – including the removal of marine debris and participation in plastic pollution data surveys.

Please visit their website and further contact information below to learn more about how to get involved.” — Written by Mattie Mae Larson / Upcycle Hawaii

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