Hawaiian Dascyllus fish next to a partially bleached coral head represents one of the direct impacts that climate change (and respective ocean warming events) has on our reefs.
Photo by K. Lindsey Kramer.

Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund is all about thinking global and acting local, and we are proud to be focusing on climate solutions in several key ways.

First, we have committed to be “certifiably” carbon neutral in our own operations since 2017 through our partnership with local business, CarbonBuddy – see below an example of our recent 2019 offset certificate (we have these available for both Hawaiʻi Island and Maui each year).  Second, we are promoting climate change awareness (and action) by elevating the youth climate movement with dedicated #FridaysForFuture posts on our social media platforms.  Third, we are constantly seeking to lessen our own contributions of greenhouse gas emissions during our business activities (carpooling more, traveling less, using solar energy where possible), encouraging restoration efforts that plant more trees, permaculture practices, home composting, reducing our plastics consumption, and advocating for better climate policy through our local governments.  For example, we participate in the Maui County Climate Action and Resilience Committee chaired by Councilmember Kelly King.

Please join us in reducing your own carbon footprint and help protect our coral reefs, coastal ecosystems, and native forests. Get some ideas about what you can do to help with the awesome Ten Things You Can Do to Save Coral Reefs publication created by the International Society for Reef Studies.

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