Uniting Humans Against Threats to Marine Life

Using knowledge and facts gained through research and observation, we work with our community and agency partners and you to push initiatives and programs that bring awareness and solutions to the problems facing our Hawaiian plants, animals, coral reefs and ecosystems. Our goal at Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund is to help prevent and put a stop to the many threats our Hawaiian ecosystem and its inhabitants are facing and to work together to restoration and conserving coastal habitats as we are able.

Ready to help make a difference? Join us in helping with our Hawksbill Sea Turtle Recovery, Green Sea Turtle Honu Watch, Marine Debris Removal, and Coastal Strand Protection efforts.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Recovery by Hawai'i Wildlife Fund
Green Sea Turtle Honu Watch by Hawai'i Wildlife Fund
Marine Debris Removal by Hawai'i Wildlife Fund
Coastal Strand Protection by Hawai'i Wildlife Fund
Climate Solutions by Hawai'i Wildlife Fund