Did you know that you can help care for Hawaii’s coral reefs by supporting the Eyes of the Reef Hawai‘i (EOR) community reporting network? EOR is a volunteer-run, science-based organization that helps YOU become the “eyes” for our reefs.

Eyes of the Reef FREE educational materials

The team at Eyes of the Reef Hawai’i recently launched FREE educational materials available to the public, including underwater field guides. Visit eorhawaii.org to learn more.

Eyes of the Reef Hawai‘i

Beginning in 2005, a network of scientists and reef managers developed EOR as the first tier in the state’s Rapid Response Contingency Plan. This important initiative trains community members to help monitor and respond to a growing list of coral reef threats. Currently, threats include climate change and coral bleaching, water quality issues, and invasive species.

Expand your knowledge

The team at EOR Hawai‘i recently launched FREE educational materials and coral reef field guides. These guides are designed to teach students, residents and visitors of all ages about Hawaii’s incredible coral reef ecosystems and potential threats to reef health. The best part: you can take the coral reef field guides underwater with you!

While using the field guides, you’ll learn more about Hawaiian coral reef ecology, including how to identify the most common types of corals found in Hawai‘i. You will also learn more about reef threats such as coral bleaching, climate change,  marine diseases, predatory sea star blooms, invasive algae and other invasive marine species. The training will then walk you through how to identify and distinguish these threatening conditions. Finally, you will learn how to successfully submit an online report to EOR and local reef managers.

Eyes of the Reef Hawaii homepage

Become a part of the Eyes of the Reef community reporting network at: eorhawaii.org.

Help protect our coral reefs

By participating in Eyes of the Reef Hawai‘i, you can become an important part of coral reef protection and management in your area. Help become a part of the solution to save our reefs!

Please visit eorhawaii.org to learn more and request your free educational guides.