Puapua’a Kona PONC acquisition 2020

VOTE YES!  Ballot Measure #6 – Charter Amendment: 2% Land Funds to pay for Staff. This proposed charter amendment will allow the 2% Public Access and Open Space Fund to pay staff to dedicate time to the 2% LAND FUND PROGRAM. We will be monitoring this expenditure closely.

The goal is to have:

  • More matching funds obtained
  • More properties purchased
  • More Maintenance Funds granted to non-profits to care for lands purchased with 2% funds

Vote YES! Ballot Measure # 10: Charter Amendment for the Maintenance Fund. This proposed charter amendment makes changes to the Maintenance Fund requested by the non-profits who care for the lands purchased with 2% Land Fund monies. The Stewardship Grant process will be streamlined by:

  • Moving the administration of the Maintenance Fund to the Department of Finance that regularly handles similar grant requests (from the Department of Parks and Recreation)
  • Defining and expediting the Stewardship Grant process
  • Providing oversight of grants to the Public Access, Open Space and Natural Resources Commission AND the Department of Finance Department
  • Allowing the non-profits to build paths, trails and small structures and build, rent or lease toilet facilities
  • Allowing non-profit stewardship groups to pay workers for their duties caring for the land, as long as this expenditure is part of the approved plan



THE GREAT SUCCESS OF THE 2% LAND FUND PROGRAM: The 2% Land Fund has preserved more than 7,900 acres of open space and parklands that will be enjoyed by citizens of the Big Island forever!  For a map of properties and further information on the 2% Land Fund Program website.



This guest blog was submitted by Debbie Hecht, Campaign Coordinator for the 2% Land Fund Program since 2006 and co-author with Council member Brenda Ford of the legislation. Questions? Hecht.deb@gmail.com