HWF volunteers monitoring a turtle nest on Maui

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  • Make A Difference.
  • Help save our fragile marine life and ecosystem.
  • Our dedicated staff and team of volunteers have helped more than 10,000 endangered sea turtle hatchlings reach the ocean.
  • FInd out more about Honu Watch on Maui.
  • FInd out more about Hawksbill Sea Turtle Recovery.

Our Beaches Won’t Clean Themselves

  • During the last two decades, marine debris, resulting in a pandemic of plastic pollution in the world’s ocean, has become a significant threat to ocean wildlife, and ultimately, to humans.
  • Endangered Hawaiian monk seals, threatened green sea turtles, humpback whales, dolphins and fish often become entangled in nets, fishing lines and other garbage that plague our shores and seas.
  • Even the coral reefs, which support marine ecosystems, can be damaged when debris masses are dragged across the ocean floor by ocean currents and wind.
  • Thanks to donations from people like you we have equipment, like the Hoʻōla One, that can help make a difference with microplastics.
  • And thanks to people like you, we have the power to use it.

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