Alyx Barnett on a trail in O‘ahu preparing for her next challenge. Photo by Hawai‘i Mountain Running.

HWF partners to launch the Aloha Virtual Challenge, a benefit event to support HWF programs October 26th – December 20th, 2020.

Vision Event Management (VEM) strives to be the best running event management company in the USA, producing high quality events that set the trend for the industry. They created a company with the experience, skills and knowledge to help any event, no matter how large or how small, fulfill its ultimate potential. In these challenging times, this innovative fundraiser provides participants with a unique window into a special destination without leaving the safety of their hometown, plus it helps a local nonprofit: Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund – to protect wildlife!

VEM’s newest adventure, the Aloha Virtual Challenge, helps native wildlife in Hawai‘i. This time, we’ve landed you (virtually) on the beaches of O‘ahu. O‘ahu offers beautiful beaches and breath-taking topography, a diverse culture, deep history, amazing cuisine and more!

Choose the path for you! Select from the full 120 miles around the island of O‘ahu, or simply dip your toe in the water for a cool 60 miles. Either way, you have the 8 weeks between October 26th and December 20th to complete your distance of choice! Join us at our virtual start line at the iconic Duke Kahanamoku bronze statue on Kūhio Beach in Waikiki! And whether you choose to complete your distance on foot, by paddle or with fin, let’s do this! There’s even an Island Hopper Club, if you want to push yourself beyond the 120 miles. Along your journey, you can track your progress on the website. Weekly, we will share with you upcoming island highlights. So slap on your shades as there’s a lot to see, and you don’t want to miss any of it!

The impact of donations:

  • $1,000 can provide support for the Nest Watch Volunteer Coordinator to manage more than 100 volunteers camping on Maui beaches to protect sea turtle nests.
  • $500 can help pay for a new infra-red camera to watch for predators sneaking up on turtle nests and observe nesters without disturbance.
  • $250 can support our environmental education mentors to visit a grade-school classroom (remote or in-person) on two occasions with our youth wildlife programs.
  • $150 can pay for the cleanup supplies, one 4WD off-road vehicle to conduct a remote coastal cleanup event on Hawai‘i Island.
  • $100 can provide one new tent for protecting volunteers from the elements while they conduct night watches for sea turtle projects.
  • $50 can pay for our quarterly dues for native plant seed collection storage.
  • $25 can provide one red-light headlamp to help researchers protect turtles from predators or other threats.
  • $10 can provide a HWF volunteer with a t-shirt or cap.

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