Is my sunscreen actually reef-safe? Celebrating the new sunscreen rules in Hawaiʻi!

With new sunscreen rules in Maui and Hawaiʻi Counties, how do I choose a reef-safe (mineral-based) sunscreen? The best reef-safe formulas are made with non-nano zinc-oxide or non-nano titanium-dioxide. With the many sunscreen options out there, along with sometimes misleading "reef-safe" labeling, it can be overwhelming to choose a trustworthy sunscreen! Many great reef-safe sunscreen options are made locally here in Hawaiʻi and are available in plastic-free packaging. Be sure to carefully read labels as you select a sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun's rays.

Celebrating the Grand Opening of the Hawaiʻi Wildlife Discovery Center!

Community members along with HWF staff, volunteers, and renowned nature artist Patrick Ching, celebrated the grand opening of the Hawaiʻi Wildlife Discovery Center. The day’s special events included the unveiling and Hawaiian blessing led by Kahu Ua for the stunning ‘Ohana Kanaloa mural, created by Patrick Ching in partnership with the Maui community, and the sharing of several oli by Noelani Lee and her two keiki kāne (sons).