Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund Accomplishments

Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund has been community-driven and volunteer-powered since our inception nearly 25 years ago.  We owe our success to the thousands of people who have joined us in our efforts to recover the health of our marine ecosystem in Hawaiʻi nei.

Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund is a highly effective nonprofit organization, run by one full time and one part time staff member.  Dozens of contractors have also contributed significantly to our work.

Together with thousands of volunteers over two decades, we have saved more than 10,500 endangered hawksbill and green sea turtle hatchlings, protected hundreds of threatened green turtles, recovered miles of sensitive native coastal habitat (by removing over 345 tons of marine debris, protecting native plants, and restoring native wildlife), hosted five science symposia, trained hundreds of marine naturalists and interns, reached over 4,000 grade-school students on three islands since 2014, assisted in setting local, national and international marine conservation policy, edu