Volunteers of all ages join HWF to remove marine debris from the coasts of Hawaiʻi Island & Maui Nui

Core Dance recently did an article featuring HWF’s Board President and Hawaiʻi Program Director, Megan Lamson!

Here’s an excerpt from the article. To read more please click here!

…Lamson has been coordinating HWF’s Hawaiʻi Island Marine Debris Removal and Anchialine Restoration projects since 2008, but shares “I’ve been interested in helping protect aquatic wildlife and coastal ecosystems since childhood” which is evident in the passion she exudes for her work.

A typical day for Lamson and her team varies greatly, but she states “the bulk of our work is within the Ka‘ū Forest Reserve. A typical day down there, we couple reconnaissance efforts and marine-debris recovery together, so we’re often scoping out both how our ongoing restoration projects are going along the coast and around the anchialine pools, which is a unique kind of coastal ecosystem, and the war between the native and invasive species in the native coastal strand plant community.”

Thank you Core Dance for the great article!