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Hannah Bernard - photo by Jason MooreHawaii Wildlife Fund joins forces

by Hannah Bernard, Executive Director

Although we are small, we are mighty. And when we combine our efforts with other like-minded groups, great things happen.

> Jan - HWF's 20th Anniversary
Hawaii Wildlife Fund will be celebrating our 20th year anniversary in 2016. Join in our celebration! We will be posting upcoming events, activities and EcoTravel both here and on our Facebook page, so keep checking in with us. Your participation will help continue our work to protect Hawaii's native wildlife. > HWF HISTORY


> Dec - Hilo Symposium on Marine Debris
Hawaii Wildlife Fund and World Ocean Collective hosted a symposium Dec 3-5 at NOAA's Mokupapapa Discovery Center in Downtown Hilo. The 2015 Hilo Symposium on Marine Debris and Tsunami Driftage provided an outlet for dialogue on marine debris removal, prevention, disaster recovery and making connections around the North Pacific.

> Nov - Last nest, Mexico travels, survey
Maui's hawksbill sea turtle nesting season culminated on Nov 10 when HWF and our partners excavated the last of 12 nests of the season. Also this month, HWF's Bill Gilmartin and Megan Lamson represented Hawaii during the International Anchialine Ecosystems Symposium in Merida, Mexico. HWF's Hawaii Island Team began a coastal user survey to garner stewardship and to learn more about how people use our shores.

> Oct - Nest monitoring, student clean up, monk seals
HWF's Maui Team was busy this month monitoring hawksbill nests on three different beaches. Our Hawaii Island Team brought local students together with exchange students from Japan to participate in an 'Ohana Day Cleanup. The students encountered two endangered Monk Seals basking on Kamilo Point, arguably the dirtiest shoreline in the main Hawaiian Islands, an amazing reminder why we do the work we do!

> Sept - Board of Directors & stocking native mullet
This month, HWF reached a major milestone by implementing the strategic plan developed during our planning retreat in June, including electing a new Board of Directors.
Also in September, we partnered with Oceanic Institute to stock a traditional Hawaiian fish pond with native mullet, which built on a project we initiated in July with the help of students from Moondance Adventures.

Me ka mahalo,

Hannah Bernard, Executive Director
Hawaii Wildlife Fund

DIACRITICALS: Hawaii Wildlife Fund recognizes the use of diacritical markings of the Hawaiian language including the `okina [`] and the kahakō [ō]; however, we have omitted them on our the website as many browsers do not display them properly and cause confusion. HWF recognizes the importance of these markings and uses them in all communications beyond the online platform.

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